SpiritOrb is an action RPG game for iOS made with RPG Maker MV.

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Controls (iOS)

The User Interface is setup with tradiontal console controls. A New Circle-Pad is to the left and "A" "B" keys to the right.

When in a menu (without console buttons) double tapping with two fingers brings you back OR pressing with one finger and tapping with a second!


v0.8.0 (TestFlight 1.2)

  • Added Circle Pad!!!
  • Decreased amount of physics calculations to increase overall performance.
  • Edited various parameters i.e.- Health,Attack,Defense, etc
  • Added Side Quest
  • Made adjustments to maps
  • Fixed bug where player wouldn't be transferred to map on event touch
  • Added new Potion
  • Adjusted Boss Battle 1
  • Added new music
  • Fixed bug where the entire game window could be scrolled by the user
  • Added Splash Screen


  • Added New Enemy-Ghost
  • Added New Enemy-Skele
  • Added phases to Boss1 Battle
  • Added new Leveling system
  • Adjusted in-game Menus
  • Adjusted weopon values
  • Adjusted Exp parameters
  • Adjusted Exp gained from enemies
  • Added Fade effect when closing menus
  • Added ability to reload save upon gameover


  • TestFlight Preparation


  • Added Single Save System
  • Added BOSS
  • Added Puzzles
  • Added various RPG elements
  • Added new type of weapons
  • Adjusted Progression system
  • Added new Overworld map
  • Adjusted dialouge
  • Added Starting map
  • Implemented logic for iOS deployment
  • Added Deserted Desert Map
  • Adjusted potion drop ratio
  • Added item Key
  • Added Slime
  • Added Minotaur
  • Added Orc
  • Adjusted Skill settings
  • Adjusted Quest dialouge
  • Added New Music
  • Added new Tileset
  • Adjusted resolution
  • Added Splashscreen
  • Added iOS Icon
  • Updated to latest QABS
  • Added custom Title
  • Added Credits
  • Added Text Sound
  • Added Boss Guage
  • Added Player Health bar
  • Added better options menu
  • Added better mobile UI
  • Map now displays current gold
  • Fixed bug where "A" button would be pressed when not visible.
  • Fixed bug where D-Pad would cause direction issues when colliding with events
  • Fixed bug where mapzoom would be incorrect on iOS
  • Fixed bug where touch input would have unwanted effects
  • Fixed bug where music wouldn't switch between maps
  • Fixed bug where movement wouldnt work correctly with virtual dpad
  • Fixed bug that would cause button presses to persist through _Scenes()
  • Fixed bug where Quests wouldn't show on iOS
  • Fixed bug that would cause game to crash when loading a save


  • Adjusted combat
  • Added preloader
  • Added new enemies
  • Added new maps
  • Redid old maps
  • Added new music
  • Added new mechanics
  • Many various changes
  • Bug fixes & improvements


  • Added Quests
  • Added real time battle system
  • Various improvements and bug fixes


  • Base game



Credits (May Change)

Plugin Credits

  • Quxios - QABS & Q-based Plugins
  • SumRndmDde - SRD Plugins
  • Christian Schicho Fullscreen Plugin
  • Yanfly Engine Plugins - YEP based Plugins
  • Masked - MBS based Plugins
  • Fallen Angel Olivia - MapDisplay Plugin
  • Companion Wulf - CustomTitle Plugin
  • Ventiqu-2016 - SplashScreen Plugin (Unused)
  • Aloe Guvner - Mobile Virtualbuttons
  • Iavra - TextsSound & SaveSystem

Art Credits

  • Kadokawa - Art & Assets
  • finalbossblues - Ashlands Tileset
  • FSM woods and cave tiles Pack by REFMAP, Publisher - DEGICA Co., LTD
  • BrassDragonLord - Appicon

Music Credits

  • Benjamin Carr - Aqua Fort, A sinister place (waiting for confirmation)
  • Aaron Krogh - The lonely Amazon
  • Murray Atkinson CT_Nina, CT_Yaichi
  • Jeremiah "McTricky" George
  • Cyber Rainforce - flip a coin
  • @davidvitas - Overworld, Title
  • Darren Curtis - Timeless Ruins, Laybrinth of Lost Dreams, Drifting through space, Fireside tales
  • FULMINIS-ICTUS - Embarking on an Epic Journey, Eastern Winds, Drama

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